The Story of Funkee Foods

One day, I came home from work and popped the telly on, and there was Jamie Oliver, doing what he does best on TV. He had been having a chat with a local farmer who mentioned he had heaps of perfectly usable fruits and vegetables that were going to waste due to their appearance.
It seemed that funny / funkee looking produce was being rejected by the supermarkets solely based on their appearance and this is what sparked my idea!

I thought to myself, what if I take the 'funkee' looking vegetables and mix them with the regular looking vegetables and make a tasty hot sauce? So I did, and the rest was history!

I am very proud of the fact that we have been able to produce a sauce that contains only natural preservatives, no colouring and an array of vitamins!

Funkee Foods' sauces & chili oils are known for their very bold flavours, which are heavily inspired by our West African heritage. One of the reasons our sauces are so unique in taste is due to our mix of African spice cloves. These cloves have been used for hundreds of years and have been known for their health benefits.

We really hope that you enjoy tasting our products as much as we love making them.

Love always,
Amanda, Founder and CEO of Funkee Foods